What is 3 Data Pulse?

3 Data Pulse is an industry-first software to help brokers/managers with the 3 pillars of all successful real estate companies: Retention, Recruitment, and Productivity.

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Better understand your agents through their behavior and learn to anticipate their needs, before  they leave


EKG Score™

Get notified of agents who are a potential risk of leaving with an easy to identify score.

Grow Your Agents

Agent Coaching Platform

Learn how to continue to grow your agents business and effortlessly track their progress.

Agent Feedback

Regular Agent Surveys

Automatically survey your agents after key interactions to best understand how to serve them better.

Staff Development


Get all of the office managers and staff on the same page with agent communication, and learn how to develop your staff to be the best in their roles. Happy staff means happy agents!


MLS and Relocation Integration

Keep agent activities, MLS reports, and Relocation metrics info in one place to be able to have holistic conversations with your agents more regularly.


Comes with support

You will get a dedicated coach to help you and your staff to be better equipped to deal with the ever changing landscape in real estate. (Premium-only)

agent interactions
minutes to record an activity
datapoints analyzed per agent
agent profiles

Get laser-focused with 3 Data Pulse

3 Data Pulse will keep your agents closer to your company, help make them more productive, and help prevent them from leaving.

With our patented EKG Score™, you will be able to see at a glance, which agents are at risk of leaving, before they decide to leave.


Insights into your brokerage
  • Free coaching and business planning templates
  • Unlimited staff and agents
  • Inventory management for your signs, riders, etc
  • Unlimited surveys to your agents
  • Basic EKG Scoring
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  • Enhanced EKG Score™ with predictive analytics.
  • MLS Integration
  • Relocation Software Integration
  • Monthly coaching call to help you stay on target
  • Plus much more...
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